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admin 15:46 - August 2, 2007
Welcome to D3JSP Gaming Community's Quantum Star game server. Game started August 02, 2007. You are more then welcome to sign up


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QS:Gen is a competitive browser-based space strategy and combat style game. No downloads are required to play. Players aim to upgrade their fleets of mining and war vessels, support their planets, and produce fighters all in order to defeat enemy clans, and fractions, of other players.

QS: Generations 0.7.2
Core code by Pádraic Brady based on Solar Empires
Extensions by Ikoda and Fransie
Version 0.7.2 release by Lee Conlin (AKA Hades) and Richard Doll (AKA FoamHead)
© 2005-2006 Quantum Star Project and Individual Authors
Quantum Star SE is optimised for 1024x768 resolution